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Not all roofers are created equal. In fact, 80% of roofing companies go out of business within their first two years. Out of the remaining 20%, 10% go out of business within five years. That leaves 10% of roofers that need to be carefully vetted for quality of work and longevity. 

When selecting a roofer, you want a company that has been in business for at least 5-10 years. Roofers with longevity are often backed by roofing supply companies. All roofs can get damaged, even new ones, therefore, you want to select a company that can provide excellent service long after your roof has been replaced. Most reputable roofers offer some kind of warranty that can be paired with the manufacturers. This means decades of roof assurance.

 North-West Roofing has been in business for over 50 years. We provide 20-40 years worth of protection depending on your roof. Additionally, we partner with multiple billion-dollar supply companies, such as GAF, to give your home and business double roof coverage. We stand behind our work! Furthermore, we are one of the only roofing companies that offers a maintenance plan. This plan gives you bi-annual roof inspections to ensure your investment is in tip top shape. Whether you use North-West Roofing or another roofing company, please do your homework. This will ensure your roof is properly maintained for many years to come.

 Paul Reed | Co-Owner of North-West Roofing

How Property Managers Benefit from Establishing Relationships with Reputable Roofers

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How Property Managers Benefit from Establishing Relationships with Reputable Roofers

Quick reliable repairs without unnecessary price increases

Being proactive with establishing a relationship with a local roofer can save a property manager time, money, and a headache—not to mention frustrated clients are no fun! Roofers can help! Most markets are saturated with roofers. Denver has over 5,000 roofing companies. This creates chaos when property managers are trying to select a company. Therefore, vetting roofing companies before problems arise means that annual maintenance will get handled. This also ensures that property managers are not getting price gauged when an emergency repair needs to be done.

Roofers can help predict costs to ensure you have correct pricing for your annual budget

Additionally, a long standing relationship with a reputable roofer means they will project your maintenance, repair and storm costs so property managers can better manage their annual budgets, including long and short term holds.

Why maintenance contracts can save your company thousands and make you look good

Here at North-West Roofing, we offer annual maintenance contracts. This allows us to proactively check your roof to prevent any leaks or problems. This also means you have a reliable source to contact for your emergency repairs.

Paul Reed | Co-Owner, General Manager

How Roof Repairs Can Save You Money & Increase House Value

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House Value and Roofing

September 14, 2019

Are you looking for more curb appeal?

  • Upgrading from old shingles, especially three tab shingles to dimensional, gives the entire home an updated, more sophisticated look with more appealing color choices giving your home a new, refreshed look.
  • By adding small features, such as high profile ridges and ridge caps when installing your roof gives off a more modern feel. Don’t forget to improve your ventilation throughout to lower your electric bill!
  • Proper ventilation systems reduce costs since it releases hot air, in turn, keeping it cooler in the summer. This update will also prolong the shingle life due to the shingles not overheating from underneath. 

New Roof Discount

  • Many insurance companies provide a discount on your premiums when your roof is less than five years old. 

Impact Resistant or Class Four Shingles

  • Both of these have the potential to lower your insurance premiums and provides you with a peace of mind that the inevitable hail storm may be withstood. 
  • A new roof provides a seller’s advantage because it allows you to price it without considering a concession of an old roof or roof repairs. 
  • We also provide a pre list inspection to see if we can identify any repairs that need to be done so you are able to call your insurance company immediately.

By: Paul Reed, Owner & Ken Strecker, Commercial Sales Executive