Your home’s roof is exposed to the elements all day, every day. Sun, rain, snow, ice, hail, high winds – they can take a toll on any roof. That’s why it is important to have your roof inspected by a roofing professional on an annual basis.

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Since hailstorms are widespread, insurance adjusters get stretched thin, often working 12-hour days to keep up with the mass amount of claims that are filed. As a result, adjusters may inadvertently miss key items that are pertinent to a proper roof replacement. At North West Roofing, we meet every adjuster on site to provide an extra set of eyes. This ensures that your roof is paid for the first time and that the install can begin right away.

Insurance Payment Processing

Most customers are unaware that their first check from their insurance company will also be endorsed by their Mortgage Company. This is because the mortgage company has a vested interest in the property. Between multiple departments and inspections, document requests, and numerous follow-up calls, you can imagine that the process to get the mortgage company to sign off on the check can be long and exhausting. North West Roofing has a dedicated mortgage department to ensure proper processing of your mortgage check. When we process your mortgage check, we offer a courtesy credit on all funds being held at mortgage to ensure your project is started promptly.

Permits & Building Code

North West Roofing is fully licensed in every municipality in the Colorado Front Range. This ensures that we can pull permits and schedule a final inspection of every project in a timely manner. We are also trained on the building codes of each municipality so that we know what your house needs for the roof to pass inspection. We handle the headache so you don’t have to!


North West Roofing has strived for the past 50 years to align ourselves with insurance companies so that homeowners going through the stress of a hail claim can rest assured that we will bridge the gap between customers and insurance companies for a smooth project.

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